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Get Buff! Win Stuff!

Winsom makes working out rewarding!

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Our Mission

Winsom cultivates a rewarding and exciting environment for college students to get motivated to exercise. We allow students to track their workouts, earn virtual and tangible prizes for exercising and have the opportunity to interact with our sponsors to gain more chances to earn rewards.

We're all carrot, no stick!

Who We Are/What We Do

We are a passionate team seeking to motivate college students to maximize their health potential through the use of virtual and extrinsic incentives. Our mission is to create positive habit formation. We're about participation, not a contest to see who's in better shape. Students will choose to interact with brands in their quest to win sweet, sweet prizes, creating brand loyalty and lifelong memories in the process.  

Winsom is a rewarding an exciting platform for users to become motivated to exercise. We act as a conduit between physically active college students and local and national businesses and brands via our Challenges. 

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How it Works

Winsom offers Challenges to college students to participate in, via our Prize Partners. We've made it as easy as possible for brands to motivate and interact with physically active students. Prize Partners will offer prizes or experiences to students who accept and complete the Challenge offered (exercise in the college's fitness center 25 times in the next 30 days, for example). Students can win sweet, sweet prizes, and brands can cultivate lifelong adopters via our innovative program, all while getting the country healthier!

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